Tea Towels on Tour

Tea Towels on Tour

October 2017
Remember if your picture is selected you get a prize!
Send me your pics wherever your tea towel ends up to kate@cardabelledesign.com

September 2017
Where is the tea towel? 
Unfortunately Harri was stopped by guards and prevented from taking a picture in front of the Taj Mahal - and they would not give it back!
Harri still wins this month's prize 
- another tea towel
August 2017
Ella GV and the Golden Gate Bridge
San Francisco, USA

Alice and Ane - Tea Towels on Tour professionals have been touring South America - setting the bar pretty high for the travelling tea towels!

July 2017
Devil's Throat
Iguazu Waterfalls, Argentina

June 2017
The Salt Flats of Bolivia

May 2017
Laguna del Inca, Peru

April 2017
Machu Pichu - Peru
March 2017
Lancashire Hot Pot makes it all the way to Thailand
Thank you Petra Kling!

February 2017
3F tea towel visiting the ruins of Siem Reap - Cambodia
with Lily Guy-Vogel
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