Kate Guy
I started Cardabelle Design because I wanted to combine my Graphic Design background with my love of traditional print making techniques in order to produce unique, quality homeware. 

My influences come from my home in North West London and the Languedoc region of South West France where I have family and friends. A Cardabelle is a thistle from this area which locals pin to their doors to keep out evil influences.
A Cardabelle


I have always loved printmaking, in particular the strong graphic qualities of lino-cut and screen printing. I use these techniques to make one-off, hand-made prints, and then using these original prints I have developed collections of quality items for the kitchen and home.
I take my principle inspiration from food and the kitchen; I feel that the kitchen is the true heart of the home and the smells and tastes that can be found in this social hub are prominent in my work, in particular natural, simple cooking with wild organic ingredients.

The Process

I cut into the lino to create the image, where the cut is will remain clear of ink, so one has to think in reverse.
It has to be relief printing ink as paint is the wrong consistency. I like Intaglio Printing Supplies vegetable oil based ink as it does not involve harmful chemicals.
Once I have mixed the colour I want, I roll it onto the lino - trying not to get any loose bits as this will make for an uneven print.
I put the lino covered with a piece of paper into the press and wind the handle down. It needs to be pressed 2 or 3 times to ensure a nice even print.
My favourite bit - revealing the print, I still find this exciting - especially when it is a new design.
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